Painted by the Sun by Elizabeth Grayson

Painted by the Sun by Elizabeth Grayson

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The Title: Painted by the Sun

The Author: Elizabeth Grayson

Book Condition: Used

The Plot

A woman on a desperate quest.

Working as a traveling photographer, Shea Waterston is following the path of the orphan trains west, searching for the son she was forced to give up ten years before. She pays for her search any way she can, including setting up her camera to photograph a hanging. When that lands her in Judge Gallimore's jail, Shea never dreams that soon after, she'll have the chance to save the judge's life.

A man with a terrible secret.

Colorado Territorial Judge Cameron Gallimore is a strong, just man who damned himself years before with one fateful decision. Only this mysterious stranger from Denver truly touches the empty hidden places in his heart. Then, with nothing more than a chance photograph and the haunting familiarity in a young boy's smile, they both find the past catching up with them. But will its secrets drive them into each other's arms? Or out of each other's life forever...