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Story of a Small Shop: Volume 5

Volume 5: A Change in the Air Moorage Thrift House Is it really almost a year since the pandemic began? How can it be another March, when my mind is still mired in the last March? The March of 2020. The March that changed all of our lives. One of the biggest changes came when I closed up my small shop. It became very difficult to sell t-shirts when the world was tilting on it's very axis. The small became unimportant and equally the most important of all.  I don't know about you, but this pandemic has brought reflection. It's brought mindfulness, into areas long abandoned or left dormant to the business of every day life. And in the hustle...

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Thrift Bound

I LOVE to thrift bound!! For those of you who don't know what bounding is..bounding is basically low key cosplay/ costumes. Bounding started as a way to wear outfits at Disney World since adults can't wear costumes to the park. And thus, a movement was born. It's not just relegated to Disney. You can Harry Potter Bound, Star Wars Bound, Marvel Bound, DC Bound, Carrie Bradshaw Bound and on and on and on. The only limit is your own creativity! I started a series on my other blog: Nerd in the City called Thrift Store Cosplay. I would go to the thrift store and find outfits for different characters. And it was right at the beginning of changing my entire wardrobe...

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Story of a Small Shop: Volume 2

Volume 2: A Really Good Day The Thrifty Duckling Holy crap! Maybe I can really do this thing. But do people really live their dreams? Is it as simple as that? Of course it's not simple and yes, it's possible! Dreams exist to teach our brains that possibilities exist beyond our every day realities. But they don't come cheap and they don't come easy! Candice, Jenna, Cristina and made the first week of my shop opening an extraordinary day!! I wrote it down so I'd remember to never forget what it's like to be fully supported by good friends you've known for a long time, good friends you've met on Instagram and good friends you didn't expect to show...

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