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Story of a Small Shop: Volume 4

Volume 4: I've Got a Dream The Thrifty Duckling This little shop was built on a dream, an ideology, a principle. See...I read this book once called Overdressed by Elizabeth Cline. After reading it, I found myself unable to shop conventionally. Fast fashion companies like H&M, Forever 21, Zara, Old Navy and more were no longer an option for me. And without a lot of other options to turn to, I found myself standing in front of a Goodwill. As a kid, my family and I had always frequented thrift stores, but back then if was out of necessity rather than fashion choice or ideology. Returning to the world of thrift felt familiar, it felt comfortable. I love to comb...

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Story of a Small Shop: Volume 2

Volume 2: A Really Good Day The Thrifty Duckling Holy crap! Maybe I can really do this thing. But do people really live their dreams? Is it as simple as that? Of course it's not simple and yes, it's possible! Dreams exist to teach our brains that possibilities exist beyond our every day realities. But they don't come cheap and they don't come easy! Candice, Jenna, Cristina and made the first week of my shop opening an extraordinary day!! I wrote it down so I'd remember to never forget what it's like to be fully supported by good friends you've known for a long time, good friends you've met on Instagram and good friends you didn't expect to show...

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