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The Thrifty Duckling The support for this shop has been overwhelming!! The fact that people are responding to what I'm doing here and even more, want to write about it and share it, humbles me!! This week, two ladies chose to talk about my shop in their blogs and I just wanted to support them back and share their work with you guys!! Check it out! From Lavender at No Man's Land: Click Here From Meli at Melificent: Click Here Thank you to everyone who's been supporting my shop! And I can't wait to share what's in store for the future of The Thrifty Duckling!! Happy shopping!

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Story of a Small Shop: Volume 4

Volume 4: I've Got a Dream The Thrifty Duckling This little shop was built on a dream, an ideology, a principle. See...I read this book once called Overdressed by Elizabeth Cline. After reading it, I found myself unable to shop conventionally. Fast fashion companies like H&M, Forever 21, Zara, Old Navy and more were no longer an option for me. And without a lot of other options to turn to, I found myself standing in front of a Goodwill. As a kid, my family and I had always frequented thrift stores, but back then if was out of necessity rather than fashion choice or ideology. Returning to the world of thrift felt familiar, it felt comfortable. I love to comb...

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