Story of a Small Shop: Volume 3

Volume 3: The New Normal

The Thrifty Duckling

It will probably be a while before I feel comfortable with this being my new normal. Maybe I'll never be comfortable. I hope I stay uncomfortable!

After 3 years of relative safety and comfort, monetarily and otherwise, I KNOW that motivation, drive and hunger are born from a place of being, at least a little bit, uncomfortable!

But this is so far out of the realm of what I've been taught to believe life is "supposed" to be. You don't take risks. Not big ones. And it's not how I've spent the last 36 years of my life.

Sure...I've loudly and hopefully proclaimed a desire to live a dreamer's life, but I've never been brave enough to take the steps...until now.

This morning I woke up at 6:30am. I made my morning cup of tea (English Breakfast with half and half.) I got on G-chat with my friends, the ones who have been faithfully encouraging me all along. Then, I got right to work. I created new collections. Took tons of new product photos. I went to the post office. And I thrifted for more.

Do you know how I felt? Content. Capable. Excited. Activated. And shocked! It slapped me right in the face. How had I been living that other life for so long?  How had I been living without this feeling for so long?

And above all other things...motivated. Motivated to innovate if things didn't work out. Motivated to make things the best they can be. Motivated to listen and take advice. Motivated to learn more about business and small business particularly.

What a difference following a dream can make. What a difference living with passion can make. What a different life you can live if you don't do what you're "supposed" to do and instead to what you were MEANT TO DO!!

Easy? No.

Worth every minute...YES!!!

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