Story of a Small Shop: Volume 2

Volume 2: A Really Good Day

The Thrifty Duckling

Holy crap! Maybe I can really do this thing.

But do people really live their dreams? Is it as simple as that?

Of course it's not simple and yes, it's possible! Dreams exist to teach our brains that possibilities exist beyond our every day realities.

But they don't come cheap and they don't come easy!

Candice, Jenna, Cristina and made the first week of my shop opening an extraordinary day!! I wrote it down so I'd remember to never forget what it's like to be fully supported by good friends you've known for a long time, good friends you've met on Instagram and good friends you didn't expect to show up for you!

You can live your dreams. But you can't do it alone!!

Lean on the understanding that people will show up for you! Believe it first! And only stop believing when all other options are exhausted (a mantra I chant to myself daily because disbelief is easier and trust is hard!)

I had the fleeting thought one day in the very beginning of the birth of this small shop. It went something like this..."I was meant for this!"

There I was at my favorite Goodwill. There are 4 in my area, but I was standing in my FAVORITE one at the time.

Goodwill Thrifting

I was searching for Star Wars tank tops and Harry Potter t-shirts. Sales were trickling in. Support was showing up and I thought..."Holy crap!! I was meant for this!"

In the 20+ years of being in the work force, I've never felt this way. I never felt so validated in an idea. I've never felt so capable.

Following your dreams is a gamble...a big one! A gigantic scary risk.

But I'm convinced 100% that it's worth the risk.

(Remind me tomorrow that today I felt this to my bones! Who knows what tomorrow may bring!)

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